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Family days exploring London for free!

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"Step Outside Guides are excellent for family days out."

Laura Porter, About.com


"They are lovely little books!"

Robert Elms, BBC London


"Perhaps the most interesting of this year's batch of family travel guides."

The Times

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Step Outside Guides are designed and written to offer cost-free,

child-friendly days in London.


We've worked hard so you don't have to. Each book is packed with clear directions, information and lots more besides to make your day out a real delight.


So step inside and explore our website, then step outside and

                            explore one of

                           the greatest cities

                         in the world!

"We thought the book was awesome, pitched at just the right level for Leo (7 years) to lead us and to keep Edie (3 years) on the look out for

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Tembo's next treasure.  We can't wait to get the next one!"

                                                                     Amanda Beales, St Albans

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Available from 17th May

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Our fabulous seventh

Step Outside Guide

invites you to spend a day exploring the ancient heart of London.



Order your copy now, and receive a signed copy on the day of publication!