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Stepping Out to a Purpose

01 October 2014

By Francesca Fenn


I've had a very satisying day today, a-walking in London, and working out some stuff for our next guide. I'm afraid I can't tell you much at the moment, but I am VERY pleased with a couple of things I found, and am already excited about getting stuck in to writing Book Seven. I had a proper 'Step Outside' lunch, too - sandwiches in a park! I chose Regents Park because I haven't been there for a very long time, and I'd forgotten just how lovely it is - especially on a perfect September afternoon.


Margie, meanwhile was walking another route, checking out details ready for a reprint of If Statues Could Talk, because you have bought nearly all of them, thank you. This is the book that offers families free entrance to Westminster Abbey (a lovely and generous gesture from the Abbey, as family entrance is normally  £44!) and is escorted by Dr Johnson's cat, Hodge.


We post our books and boxes far and wide - I have sent one off to Australia today, and although it takes time, I really enjoy packing them up. Sam has designed the stickers for outside and inside the boxes, and we tie the books up with beautiful London ribbon. If it's being posted, the box is wrapped in plain brown wrapping paper, then stuck down with Cecily Vessey's fabulous London Skyline sticky tape, and a label, again designed by Sam is added. We write the labels by hand - because we want to - and our latest baby is popped in the post box.


This is not, I suspect, 'efficient' or 'smart', but it's how we want our books to be. And, from feedback we get even on the wrapping,("As you seem to be a very personal service I just wanted to let you know that the books arrived safely just a few minutes ago – so beautifully presented and they look great!  Thank you! "),  it's how our customers want it to be too. So we'll be sending them this way for as long as we can.