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Octavius, our friendly octopus who is you companion in Down by the Thames loves playing music. You may remember him playing his one man band on Hungerford Bridge!

Today is your chance to make a musical instrument or two, and join in with him.


A banjo

Stretch different thicknesses and lengths of rubber bands across  a box with no lid, and strum away. See if you can change the notes. Tighter and thinner bands will give higher notes, loose and thick bands will strum out the bass.


You could simply whack a biscuit tin or saucepan with a wooden spoon, (it’s best to ask a parent or carer first!)

A ‘trumpet’

This may not be very tuneful, but it is fun! Blow a tight-lipped raspberry down the funnel of a watering can or a food funnel from the kitchen, and see what sort of noise you can get out of it. Adjusting your lips can make different notes – try It and see! If you can’t make the raspberry work, just put your lips round the thin end and ‘ooo’ a tune – it will sound different from your normal voice.


Now put on some of your favourite music and join in!

Idea One

Join Octavius’s band

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