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Idea Ten

Make teeny frozen fruit kebabs with Cam &Bert

The weather is gorgeous – it feels as though summer has arrived early! And with summer comes icy delicious treats. Cam and Bert, our little mice from London’s Splendid Square Mile have mastered the art of making tiny frozen fruit kebabs, and they’re happy to share their secret with you. So read on to find something you can make that everyone’s going to love!


You will need

Fruit – almost anything works!

Use whole – smaller strawberries, baby orange segments, blueberries, raspberries, grapes

Cut in half: big orange segments, large strawberries

Cut into chunks: apple, pineapple, pear, banana, mango, kiwi melon

Chopping board


Plastic tray of some sort –lids from icecream cartons are ideal.

Cocktail sticks – if you don’t have any you can just lay the fruit on the trays


What to do

First of all, wash your hands.

Assemble the fruit you are going to use.

Cut the fruit into pieces about the size of a raspberry. (You may need an adult to do the chopping for you.) If you’ve got different coloured fruit, that’s brilliant.

Thread them one at a time onto cocktail sticks – be careful not to poke your hand with the cocktail stick! Try to use a mix of colours on each stick, and be sure to leave space for holding them.

Pop them on the trays and carefully put them in the freezer. They will probably take about two hours to freeze.

They are ready to take out and enjoy!



Please send us a picture or two of your kebabs – we love seeing what you’ve been up to. You can tweet them to @StepOutsideLDN, go to our Facebook page (Step Outside Guides) or email them to us at stepoutsideguides.com. Thank you.


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