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An Aquarium in London, but not The London Aquarium

10 September 2014

By Francesca Fenn


The Greenwich Tall Ships Festival I mentioned in last week's blog wasn't just about ships. On Friday evening as part of the festival, we witnessed an utterly wacky, utterly charming and utterly captivating event at the Royal Naval College.


The space between the two halves of Wren's magnificent buildings was transformed from an elegant quadrangle to an aquarium, as the highly original Spanish street theatre company Sarruga brought their show Peixos to the College. Using reflected light to create water effects across the walls, the space above our heads was inhabited by a variety of fishes, a shoal of jellyfish and a shark. Transported on steam-punk-style contraptions, and propelled by pedals and much sweat, these huge, illuminated creatures swam around to music, with the glorious background of tall ships sailing by (well, not really sailing, but their sails were hoisted and they looked fantastic!). The captivating firework display that followed it rounded the evening off perfectly.


Sometimesit can be easy to take London for granted. I find it helpful to take a step back from time to time, and to look at London as if I were a visitor. Last Friday I would have felt very jealous of myself for living here!


Another, regular 'London Special' draws to a close this week as the Last Night of the Proms plays out the season. The Proms are utterly remarkable; for five pounds I can go and hear some of the world's greatest music, played by some of the world's greatest musicians, in one of the world's greatest venues. Every night for nearly two months the hall is filled with tip top music. In the gallery - my favoured location - you can stand, sit or even lie down and chill during the performance. What better way can there be to spend five pounds? Unless, of course, you fancy a day in London with a Step Outside Guide......

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