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Hodge's Letter Challenge

Hodge the cat is in charge of today’s activity! He was Dr Johnson’s cat, and Dr Johnson wrote the first English dictionary.  Hodge loves letters, and in his Step Outside Guide, If Statues Could Talk, he escorts you to statues in London beginning with every letter of the alphabet!  Today he is setting you a letter challenge. You could play this as a competition with other people in your house, or with friends and family by phone or online.  Or you could do it for yourself, and see how you get on.


You will need:

Pencil and paper

Sharp eyes!


Choose a letter of the alphabet – you can choose any letter, but Hodge suggests you choose one of the more common letters, such as R or S. Decide on a time limit – anything from five minutes to half an hour,  and see how many things you can find in your house that begin with that letter in the time allowed.  


They may be great big things, like a fridge, or teeny weeny things, like a little feather. Write them down, and see who has most at the end of the time.


You get two points if you have spotted something that nobody else has seen. Look in every room you can. You might just be amazed at how many things you can spot when you really look!


As ever, we’d love to hear how you get on. Let us know on our Facebook page, on Twitter @StepOutsideLDN, or at [email protected]



               Happy hunting!


Hodge statue 195 Hodge Silhouette E H G D O B Hodge and B items - No Background Hodge Silhouette Hodge Silhouette Hodge Silhouette Hodge Silhouette

Here is the statue of Hodge, outside Dr Johnson's House in Gough Square in London.

Hodge 4