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Family days exploring London for free!

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You could also take photos and send them to your relatives and friends. We’d love to see them too! You can send them to us on Twitter @StepOutsideLDN, post them to our Facebook page Step Outside Guides, or send them to us at [email protected]  .

Idea 12

Make a Museum with Baby Tembo

Baby Tembo loves museums! Here he is, visiting John Soane’s Museum in his Step Outside Guide, The London Treasure Trail. Today he’s going to help you make your own museum!

The most important thing is that this is your museum, so the specimens can be things that you find interesting or exciting or fun – you can choose whatever you like!


You need to think about where you will locate your museum. It will be helpful if you can find a quietish corner, so you can leave it out for a while.

What are you going to put in your museum? Choose a few things – maybe about ten.


You may choose something from the garden – perhaps a lovely

leaf, a snail shell, a feather or a bird’s nest that has fallen from a

tree. Indoors, what objects do you find interesting? You might

have a rainbow pencil, that writes in several different colours at

once, or some beautiful old buttons. Perhaps  there is a pot or

plate that you think is especially nice. I have some kitchen

scales that my grandma bought when she was married in 1927.

I still use them, but I would definitely put them in my museum!

If you want to put anything that belongs to another member of

the family in your museum, make sure you ask them first.


When you have gathered the specimens, the next thing to do is to make labels for each of them.  The label will say what the object is, and you can add as much information as you like; where it is from, who it belongs to, how old it is. You can ask your parents of carer what they know about the history of old objects, and you can even research in books or online to find out a bit more.


When your labels are complete, you are ready to make your museum display. Place each object in your chosen location, and put the matching label beside it. You could name the museum and make a sign for it, too. Then it’s time to open your museum, and show the people who live in your home.


Elephant Geode no bk bg sm John Soanes Urn sm Octopus Coin sm Treasure Tembo_250 Letter Box Crown - Queen Elizabeth 2_150 Pearl of Wisdom_150

Welcome to

Baby Tembo'sMuseum

Small Picket Sign_left_100


Grandma's Scales cropped sm John Soanes Bust

A doubloon from                A crown (not real!)

my friend Octavius

An urn from                       My treasure chest!

John Soanes Museum

An oyster shell               I am holding this old

                                      bust very carefully