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Idea fourteen

Make bird Collages with Hermione

Hermione has been busy again, and this time she’s been collecting all sorts of seeds, leaves, petals, twigs, feathers and little pebbles, all sorts of natural bits and pieces she has found around Kensington Gardens, where she lives. (You may have been there with her in the Step Outside Guide Kensington Gardens and Beyond).


She has created some lovely pictures of birds with all the things she has collected – here is one of them. Now  you can make some too!


What you will need


A paper bag

All the bits and pieces you collect (see below)

Plain paper - A4  is ideal



What to do


First of all, you need to collect your materials from the garden or a nearby park. It’s a good idea to have a bag to put them in so they don’t get crumpled and spoiled.


Leaves come in all sorts of interesting colours,  shapes and sizes, and there are petals from flowers, too.  If there are any ash trees nearby, they have ‘helicopter’ seeds that they are dropping just now. Can you find any interesting grass heads, with all the seeds on? Look out for feathers, too, and for small snail shells, tiny pebbles – anything that you like the look of.


When you have found some good bits and pieces bring them indoors and lay out all the things you have collected. Play around with them to make a bird that you like. It could be an illustration of a real bird, or one that you have made up – you can make up the name, too!  He or she might be flying, or feeding, swimming or standing – perhaps you noticed interesting things that birds do if you joined Hermione for Idea Seven.


When you are happy with your bird, carefully pick the pieces up one by one, glue the back of them and stick down. You could make a tree out of twigs for the bird to sit in, or perhaps a nest for her to snuggle into.


You could make several birds with the same materials so they are a flock, or you could make several completely different birds. As ever, we would love to see your work, so do please send us a photo to [email protected], or on our Facebook page (Step Outside Guides)  o0r tweet us @StepOutisde LDN, and we  can put it in our gallery.


Happy collaging!

English Plane Leaf Heron 6 with Necklace Heron photo Sm Oyster Bird collage ed

Here is Hermione searching for things for her collage

Here is Hermione's

finished collage.