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Be an artist with Octavius

Hello there – Octavius here! Have you been doing a lot of drawing and painting while you’ve been at home? I have! I love it, and I like dressing up like an artist, too! I’ve got all the right artist’s gear, as you can see.


So here’s a little project I thought we could do together – it can take as long or not long as you want. Let’s see how we get on. All you need is paper to draw on, and whatever drawing or painting equipment you want to use.


1)   Choose an object that you like or find interesting. It can be absolutely anything from a book to a biscuit, from a flower to a fish, from a toy to a waste paper basket!


2 )  Sit in front of your object and really look at it. Look at the colours, how the light and shade falls. Are there soft curves or sharp edges? Are there any shiny bits? Is the white really white? Is the black really black? What shape is the outline?


3)   When you’ve looked really closely, start to draw. You may want to draw with just a pencil, or with coloured pencils, crayons, felt tips, paints, pastels – there are no rules, so choose whatever you like. Don’t worry about your picture being perfect – this is an experiment, not an exam! Just enjoy working out how you can draw and colour your picture, and see what effects you can create. How do you make something look shiny without using shiny pens or paint? How could you draw a shadow so that you can still see what the shadow is falling on? There is so much to think about!


I would LOVE to see your drawings and paintings. If you’d like to send them to me at [email protected] I will put them in the gallery on the Step Outside website.


Happy drawing – see you again soon!

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