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Policemen, poppies and a big 'HURRAH' (but not in that order!)

15 October 2014

By Francesca Fenn


So what's been happening in the world of Step Outside Guides this week?


First of all, a bit of good news for us, which we are thrilled about. The marvellous Museum of London are  stocking (excuse the pun) our Christmas book in their shop.We love this museum and have wanted our guides to be available there since we published our first books two and a half years ago, so this is a bit of a landmark for us. Here's hoping a lot of families will get to enjoy our very special day out in Christmas in London


But before Christmas, half term is fast approaching, and perhaps we'll have some nice weather for wandering around London. If you haven't been yet, do go and see the poppies in the moat of the Tower of London; they are so special - artistic genius and deep emotion combine for a moving and uplifting spectacle. After Armistice Day on November 11th they will be removed, so do go and see them if you possibly can.  And, by coincidence our guide 'Down by the Thames' starts at Tower Hill - the perfect combination for a cost free day out!


I enjoyed another wonderful free activity last Saturday, when Mr Step Outside and I visited Wilton's Music Hall for their special weekend 'Wilton's and the River'. This wonderful old music hall is in a delapidated state, but it is being restored, and we enjoyed some old film of life on the river, and, the most unexpected and enjoyable event of the weekend - a short concert by the Metropolitan Police Male Voice Choir! They were fab - lots of light songs about policemen and about London - an unexpected delight! Which just goes to show - you never know quite what you will see when you Step Outside in London!

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