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Idea Two.

Draw a Route Map

withBaby Tembo

Have you ever drawn a route map, showing someone how to get from one place to another? They can be fun to think about and draw, as our baby elephant Tembo shows in his book, The London Treasure Trail.


Today we can make our own route map!

First of all, think of somewhere you often go when we can be out and about  – your school, your friend’s house, a shop nearby – anywhere that you walk to. Now on a clean piece of paper, big as you like, see if you can draw a map showing how to get there. You’ll have to think hard, because you can’t go and check at the moment!


Think about

Which way do you turn when you leave your home? Left or right?

Do you have to cross any roads?

Are there traffic lights, or a zebra crossing you can add in? Or a bus stop? Or a shop? Or an interesting front garden? Or a cat you stroke whenever you pass ?


The more detail you can include, the more interesting and fun your map will be.

Write the names of the roads, and the number of your house or flat, and label  your home – and your destination!

Put a big title at the top so everyone knows what the map shows. If it shows the way to your friend’s (or your  auntie’s, or your granny’)s house, you could take a photo and send it to them!


If you want to send us a photo, we’d be delighted to see it at [email protected]  

and we’ll put it in the gallery!

Tembo_250 Tembo Hat No Background Tembo's map158

Here is the map that

Baby Tembo drew..

Macdonald Elephant No Backbround