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Idea Three

Make your own Pasta!

We’ve heard a lot about the shortage of pasta, but did you know you can make it yourself? It’s not difficult, and it is fun! Octavius loves making it, but he does get in a muddle!


Here’s how to make delicious, fresh tagliatelle.

For 4 people you will need:

200g flour. (Special pasta flour is best, strong bread flour is next best, normal plain flour will be fine).

2 eggs

Extra flour

A bowl

A rolling pin

A knife

A table or surface that is big enough to roll the pasta

A large pan of water

A colander or sieve


Wash your hands


Using the knife and bowl, mix the 200g flour and eggs together carefully to make a rough dough. You may need to add a teeny tiny spoon of cold water if the dough is too floury, or a bit of extra flour if it is sticky.


Sprinkle a little flour on the table and put the dough on top, then knead it. To knead, push the dough onto the table with the heel of your hand (the part nearest your wrist) Fold in half. Do it again, and keep folding and pushing that until the dough is smooth.


Sprinkle a little flour on the dough and on the table if the dough is sticking at all. Use the rolling pin, roll the dough as thin as it can be. (You may have to do this in two or more goes, depending on space.)  Make sure the dough stays slightly floury on the outside so it doesn’t stick to the table or the rolling pin.


You should now have a big, thin layer of dough on the table. Carefully roll it up like a l-o-n-g swiss roll. Using the knife, cut thin slices of roll, no more than a centimetre apart. You will have a row of pasta slices. Pick them up, shake them out and da-daaaa  – tagliatelle!

Spread the tagliatelle on the table to dry for at least half an hour. (This will help it not to stick when cooking). Or you can hang it on a pole, perhaps between two chair backs likie the photo - you don't have to hold it!


When it’s time to cook

You may need an adult to help with this part. Fill a large pan 2/3 full with water and when it is boiling, carefully put the tagliatelle in, add a shake of salt and the teeniest splosh of cooking oil.  IMPORTANT: fresh pasta only takes about two minutes to cook!

Drain in a sieve or colander and serve with whatever you like to have pasta with.


We bet this will be the best pasta you’ve ever tasted! Send us a picture here!

thumbnail_spaghetti octavius - no background Atti with tagliatelle cropped Atti with tagliatelle cropped thumbnail_spaghetti octavius - no background

The finished product

on a (clean!) broom handle pole