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Idea four

Design a Skyscraper!

When we are allowed to Step Outside, we sometimes take our books to book fairs. We like to offer fun things to do at our stand, and one of the favourites is a ‘Design a Skyscraper’ competition. We're not running a competition here, but we'd love to make a gallery on our website of any designs that are sent in.


The London skyline has all sorts of tall buildings and structures, and a lot of the new ones are quite distinctive, and they have their own nicknames.If you have been exploring with any of theStep Outside Guide books you will probably have visited one or two of them.  In ‘London’s Splendid Square Mile’, Cam & Bert take us past the Walkie Talkie and the Cheese Grater, and in ‘Christmas in London’ Jennie Wren flies around the Gherkin, and stops at the Scalpel. Then there’s The Shard, and the good old BT Tower – there are all sorts of names and shapes.


Here is your chance to design your own Skyscraper, and to give it a name! Have a think about what will be inside.  You could have a zoo inside, or a huge playground – whatever you like! . Perhaps it will be for homes, in which case you may want to put balconies on it. Will it have a roof garden?  What are the lifts like? The Lloyd’s building in London has glass lifts on the outside of the building, and some of them have an emergency police light on top!!


We would absolutely love to see your designs, and if you send them to [email protected], we’ll put them in our gallery. You can draw or paint, or make a model  out of Lego,  cardboard boxes, wooden blocks – whatever you like to build with.


We hope you have fun, and we look forward to seeing the results!


London Skyline Cropped Shard 6 St Andrew Undershaft DSC02855 DSC02854 Cheese Grater Pic

The Shard, vanishing in to the sky

The Gherkin towering          The Walkie Talkie

above an old church

Bert thinking about the Cheesegrater

St Andrew Undershaft