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Idea Five

William's Wonderful Lion Quiz

Here’s William the South Bank Lion.

In our book ‘The London Lion Hunt’, he loves introducing us to

his lion friends around London.

Now he ‘s written a quiz to see what we know about lions

all around the world. Here it is!


I wonder how you will get on!  Answers at the bottom of the page:



William's Wonderful Lion Quiz


1.When they are in the wild how long do lions rest or sleep)

a) Around 5 hours a day

b) Around 10 hours a day

c) Around 20 hours a day


2.Lions can run really fast, but only in short bursts.  They fastest they can go is about

a) 48kilometres per hour (30 miles per hour)

b) 81 kilometres per hour (50 miles per hour)

c) 113 Kilometres per hour (70 miles per hour)


3.When a lion roars the noise can be heard from a long way away.  How far?

a) 8 kilometres (5 miles)

b) 4 kilometres (2.5 miles)

c) 1.7 kilometres (1 mile)


4. Most lions found in the wild live in southern and eastern parts of:

a) Africa.

b) Australia

c) England


6. When lions breed with tigers and have offspring, these are known as:

a) tions and lagers

b) ligers and tigons

c) roarers and growlers


7. Which are the best hunters:

a) the male lions

b) the females (lionesses)

c) they are both equally good at hunting


8. You can tell a lion’s age by:

a) By how big his paws are. The larger the paws the older the lion.

b) By how loud his roar is. The louder the roar the older the lion.

c)  By how dark his mane is. The darker the mane, the older the lion.



Now have a look at the answers. Did you learn anything new? Which answer surprised you most?


We hope you enjoyed the quiz, and that you are enjoying our other ideas too!





1.c)   2.b)    3.a)    4.a)    5.b)   6.b)    7.c)  

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