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Idea Six

Make up your own Coat of Arms

Have you been to Westminster Abbey with Hodge the cat, in our Step Outside Guide ‘If Statues Could Talk’?  If so, you may remember the magnificent flags in the Lady Chapel, for people who belong to the Order of the Bath.


Here is the flag that Hodge designed for himself.

Today is your chance to design your own

coat of arms for a flag or a shield.

It can be any shape, or any size, and it can be

as simple or complicated as you like.

You could even make a shield or a plaque to put on the wall.

You can draw, paint, stick things on – whatever you like!




You could include all sorts of pictures and objects  - here are a few ideas to get you started:

Something that sounds like your name

Something that shows an interest you have – maybe sport or art or music…

Something that shows where you come from

Your pet

Your favourite thing

Your favourite dinner

A picture of yourself (like Hodge!)


We would love to see your shield or flag when you’ve made it. Send us a photo at [email protected] and we’ll put it in the gallery!

Front Cover Mice Hodge Flag 1 Hodge Nelson200png

Cam & Bert have made their own coat of arms up, complete with cheese!

City Arms cropped

This is the coat of arms for the City of London. I love te dragons!