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If you have been out with Step Outside Guide ‘Kensington Gardens and Beyond’, you will have spent time spotting birds with Hermione, the heron on Peter Pan’ statue.


The birds are loving this beautiful weather, and

their songs sound fabulous!  You may not have

ducks outside your window, but if you sit and

watch for a while, you may be surprised how many

different birds there are around. Putting out food

will encourage them to visit. Any seeds, nuts bits

of bread will tempt them,  (You may want to put

them on an upturned box you can bring in after

dark, so that other animals don’t come and eat them!)

If you don’t have a garden, try putting food out on the

balcony or window sill.



At this time of year, you may see birds with twigs and bits of moss in their mouths. They are collecting these to build their nests, and if you watch for a while and they make several journeys, you may be able to work out where they are building their nests. You could even put a little pile of dried grass, or twigs, to help them.







When you see a bird, see if you can work out what it is. The Wildlife Trust have a brilliant chart at www.wildlifetrusts.org/wildlife/how-identify/identify-garden-birds   to help you. And if you want to tell us which birds you’ve seen, we’d love to hear from you at [email protected]


Idea Seven

Spot some birds with Hermione!

Duck cropped Robin cropped Hermione 5 No Background_200px Heron200png Heron s

This robin follows me around the garden whenever I am digging!