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Idea Eight.

Make Easter treasure with

Baby Tembo



Today’s Step Inside idea is to use that shiny,

lovely foil from your Easter egg or eggs to make

treasures! In Step Outside’s ‘The London Treasure Trail’,

Baby Tembo visits the jewellery centre of London,

Hatton Garden, and looks at the beautiful gems there,

especially the giant amethyst geode

outside one of the jewellers. Here is a picture of him beside it.


The foil that covers Easter Eggs comes in beautiful, rich colours, rather like jewels. There is a lot of purple foil about, like Tembo’s amethyst geode! But there are plenty of  other vibrant colours too.

You can make jewellery by wrapping small objects, maybe dried peas or beans, tiny pebbles or pieces of pasta in foil, then sticking them to a cardboard ring, or crown. What jewels can you make? Here is a colour guide:


Red – ruby

Blue – sapphire

Green – emerald

Diamond – silver

Amber – orange

Topaz – yellow


There are jewels of almost every colour, so whatever colour your foil is, it will be like a jewel. We would love to see photos of your finished crowns or jewellery. Please send them to us at [email protected] , post them to our Facebook page (Step Outside Guides) or tweet them to us @StepOutsideLDN


To make a crown:

Draw a zigzag lengthways along a piece of paper or cardboard.


Cut along the zigzag, then join two ends together to make a long strip. Fit it to your head and make a mark where you will join them to make a crown. It is easier to decorate first, then join the crown up.


crown craft 1 Elephant Geode no bk bg sm Treasure Tembo Treasure No Background Crown craft 2

Here's the crown, ready for its jewels. I couldn't add jewels cos I haven't had any Easter egs yet!

Here's the zigzag pattern drawn on the card

First of all, everyone at Step Outside would like to wish all of you who are Stepping Inside a very Happy Easter!