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Idea Nine

The Noise Game

We're giving prizes away for today's game! So do let us know how you get on with this game, and a Step Outside Guide of your choice and a badge can be yours!


Isn’t everywhere quiet at the moment!  Fewer cars, hardly any planes, not many people out and about – it is quite strange. But there are still all sorts of sounds and today we have a competition between you and anyone or everyone else who lives in your house. You could also phone a friend, or a relative, and ask them to join in wherever they live.


How to play The Sound Game

The aim of the game is to see who can hear the most different sounds in 15 minutes. You can do this outdoors or indoors, perhaps with the window open!


You will need:

  • a clock or watch, or timer on a phone

  • paper and pencil for each person taking part

  • your ears!


Hand out paper and pencil to each person. Once the time has started, everyone is silent, except for the sound of writing down or drawing.  Start the timer, or make a note of the time and off you go! When you’ve written down the most obvious noises, listen very carefully. As time goes on, you will probably notice smaller and smaller sounds.


When the time is up:

Count up to see who  has most sounds on their list.

How many sounds are the same?

Who noticed the quietest sound?

Who noticed  the most unusual noise?

Were there any sounds that only one person noticed?


You may be surprised at just how many different things you have heard. We would really love to hear about them, and about your game. You can post on our Facebook page, Step Outside Guides, contact us at [email protected], or tweet us @StepOutsideLDN.




Prize Time!

We will send a Step Outside Guide of your choice, and a badge, to the five people who send in the most different sounds.

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Did you hear anything this noisy?