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Family days exploring London for free!

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A Family Day in London for a Fiver!

Do you have a ‘What to do in the summer holidays’  article, spread or column to fill? Step Outside Guide books are here to help you!


Step Outside Guides are small books designed to offer families and groups complete cost-free days in London. Born of a passion for our capital, and a zeal to encourage others to love it too, Step Outside Guides are London’s friendliest guide books.


Each Guide is:


• filled with free-to-see adventures

• written so kids who can read can lead

• completely family friendly

• beautifully illustrated and produced

• retails at just £5


Each Step Outside route:


• starts and finishes at Tube stations

• fits in to the cheap day return slot

• highlights free toilets and picnic spots

• is a complete day out

• includes rest-your-legs pages


Step Outside Guide books give families and groups the opportunity to

get to know London in a very special way this summer.


Available titles:

• Down by the Thames

• If Statues Could Talk. Includes free family entry to Westminster Abbey

• Kensington Gardens and beyond

• London’s Splendid Square Mile

• The London Lion Hunt

• The London Treasure Trail


Here are a few comments from satisfied customers:


"We enjoyed it so much we came home and immediately ordered the next few books."  

Rob, St Albans.


"Had an absolutely wonderful day doing this walk. One of the things I like most about your books is all the other things I discover en route."

Fiona, Glasgow.


I loved the very manageable amounts of history and information that kept me informed and interested without making it feel like homework!”

Naomi, Rotherhithe


“I've got 3 kids ranging from 12 to 4 so finding things to suit all is not easy. This was great. Even my oldest daughter who is as hard to impress as any young teenager said it was cool. High praise indeed.”

Richard, Highbury.


Contact us for review copies, and any information or images you need. We are always happy to help.

Francesca Fenn,  07896 897032

E: [email protected]

Margie Skinner, 07740 724201

E: [email protected] 


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