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As anyone who looks at our books will be aware, we love London and are passionate about helping other people to enjoy our city, through cost-free family days out.


A good few people have suggested that we write a blog about London things that have caught our attention, captured our hearts or made us think - or all of the above - so here it is.

We hope you enjoy it!

A nice spot in London; Southwark Bridge

By Francesca Fenn, Oct 5 2018 11:36AM

Southwark Bridge crosses the River Thames half way between Shakespeare's Globe Theatre and London Bridge. As you walk under the bridge, on the south bank, there is a series of five slate engravings by local sculptor Richard Kindersley, showing scenes from the old Frost Fairs that were held on the Thames when it froze over. The poem that accompanies them is based on contemporary descriptions of what went on.

Behold the Liquid Thames frozen o’re,

That lately Ships of mighty Burthen bore

The Watermen for want of Rowing Boats

Make use of Booths to get their Pence & Groats

Here you may see beef roasted on the spit

And for your money you may taste a bit

There you may print your name, tho cannot write

Cause num'd with cold: tis done with great delight

And lay it by that ages yet to come

May see what things upon the ice were done

The last two lines have now come to pass!

The nearest stations are Borough or London Bridge, but the walk from London Bridge is pleasanter as it takes you along the river.

This London treasure is featured in our Step Outside guide book Down by the Thames.

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