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Family days exploring London for free!

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Which of the books are particularly suitable for younger children?


Down by the Thames and Kensington Gardens and Beyond... take you on routes with virtually no traffic. Kensington Gardens and Beyond... includes a visit to an enormous paddling area and a fantastic playground and there are lovely stickers in the book.


Which of the books have stickers in them?


Christmas in London and Kensington Gardens and Beyond... include stickers which you can stick in special places in each book as you discover landmarks and objects throughout your day.


Which books take you on bus rides?


The London Treasure Trail, The London Lion Hunt, Christmas in London and If Statues Could Talk all include bus rides. The London Treasure Trail has a very special bus ride with a chart to tick things off as you spot them.


Are some of the books more demanding than others?


Yes - If Statues Could Talk is quite a long trail, because there are 26 statues, one for each letter of the alphabet. Some people prefer to split it and have two outings. This is the book that gives free family entrance to Westminster Abbey for children aged eleven and under.


The London Treasure Trail is a very full day, but there are so many wonderful things in it, we couldn't possibly leave any out!


What happens if something changes after you have published the book?


It is inevitable that some things will change in a dynamic city like London. Our update page includes any changes we are aware of, so it’s worth checking the website before you head out with your Guide. If you find any changes while you are out on a trail, please let us know on our feedback page and we can include them.