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Hermione Welcomes Princess Charlotte

We celebrate on this May morn

The egg is hatched, the chick is born!

At Kensington Gardens we're full of good cheer

That Princess Charlotte will come to live here


May the skies be blue and the sun shine down

To bring a smile and never a frown

We wish a future long and bright

And days in the park that are full of delight


To William and Kate we send our good wishes

That's herons, parrots, squirrels and fishes

And other creatures dwelling near

All join in raising a great cheer


We're glad that you will be our neighbour

And could we ask a little favour?

Your namesake Diana has a fountain for play

Not grand, or formal; that was not her way

But for splashing and laughing and just getting wet

Please come and enjoy it - you'll love it we bet!


Royal Hermione red