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Family days exploring London for free!

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Step Outside Guides are the friendliest family guide books to London - and the most fun!


Explore the great and the small, the old and the new, the huge and the hidden with our day-long, cost-free themed routes, all in the company of a friendly animal resident.


So step inside and explore our website, then step outside and

                explore one of the greatest cities in the world!

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We are proud that Crossrail have chosen Step Outside Guide books to be part of their community work on the Liverpool

Street to


branch of


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Click the banner to see a day on the London Lion Hunt captured in two minutes!

The Kensington  Roof Gardens closed to the public on January 1st 2018. This is sad news, but we are hopeful that they will be reopened soon. In the meantime we recommend you use the


box on page 31 which tells you about nearby

Holland Park.

Important news about The London Treasure Trail

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