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Family days exploring London for free!

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What you say about the Guides

"This was a brilliant guide, as a day out with a 6 year old and a 15 month old can be a bit of a nightmare. The instructions how to get there with a buggy were great and there were plenty of opportunities for the youngest to potter around without the older one getting bored."

(Down by the Thames)

Bec, Ethan and Kiefer, Goodmayes

"The statues book arrived this morning and we set straight out to follow it. We really had a lot of fun. I've got three kids ranging from 4 to 12 so finding things to suit all is not easy. This was great and they all got into the spirit of it and we all learned a lot. Even my oldest daughter who is as hard to impress as any young teenager said it was cool. High praise indeed." (If Statues Could Talk)

                                                                                                                  Richard Cowhig, London N5

Lots of people love using Step Outside Guides! Here's what they have to say about them...

"We thought the book was awesome, pitched at just the right level for Leo (7 years) to lead us and to keep Edie (3 years) on the look out for Tembo's next treasure.  We can't wait to get the next one!"

(The London Treasure Trail)                                                                         Amanda Beales, St Albans



"I was so amazed by how many things I have never seen or even knew were there. I can't wait to do another one!"                                                                                                   Fiona Laverty, Glasgow


Lion Banner Transparent

"We received these yesterday - they were very excited and James took it in to school to show everyone this morning. Thank you."                                                                          Jenny, Southend                                                                

"We enjoyed the whole day, it was a change to go into town without spending a fortune. The guide was easy to use.

I was particularly liked the Palace of Westminster, as searching for Lions made you experience the detail, whilst normally the size and scale impress you."  (The London Lion Hunt)                                                                                                                                                                                         

                                                                                                                                      Mark, Enfield

"We had bought book 1 at the School fair and finally found the time to do the walk on Sunday.  We enjoyed it so much we came home and immediately ordered the next few books."   Rob, St Albans

"The 10th Chadwell Heath Brownies went on the London Lion Hunt with your book. We enjoyed so many things about the day and learnt so many new facts.

Favourite things were:

"Learning that if the River Thames touches the lion’s mouths London will flood." Rebecca

"Going inside the National Portrait Gallery to see the painting of Trafalgar Square." Leah

"Seeing the lions in Trafalgar Square." Inaaya

"Chinatown, because it was like I was in China." Rhyanna

What a wonderful day we had! I would recommend the books to both groups and families. Book was very well written and easy to follow. The girls had so much fun and so did the leaders - and all for the price of an ice cream!"                              

                                                                 Christine, Brown Owl, 10th Chadwell Heath Brownie Pack

My niece and her family were over from Belfast for a holiday. As soon as they started to cross Westminster Bridge Abbie, who is 6 years old, said "There is the lion we have to find!". She had a great day.

Asked at the end of the holiday what was the best bit she said "Finding lions in London. That was even better than Legoland."  


Christine Grant, Essex

Our children aged 5 and 7 did not complain once about all walking and would have done on our normal visits to London.  All credit to you and the guide.


Catherine, St Albans

The directions were easy to follow and almost all of the areas we passed through allowed the children to run freely and safely whilst staying within sight and sound.


Alan Walters, Wanstead